Utah to pilot NFC and QR code-enabled mobile driving licences

Utah NFC and QR mobile driving licence
DIGITAL PROOF: The mDL enables drivers to use their phone to prove their ID, licence status and age

The US state of Utah is to pilot a mobile driving licence (mDL) that will enable drivers to provide digital proof of their identity, licence status and age by tapping their mobile device on an NFC reader or by showing a QR code for scanning.

Holders of the Utah mDL will be able to use the digital credential in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, liquor stores and other venues requiring age verification, and will be able to choose what personal information is displayed according to the requirements of the person requesting it.

The new digital licence will be fully compliant with the ISO 18103-5 international standard for mobile IDs and has been developed according to US domestic implementation guidelines set out by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

The Utah Driver License Division (DLD) is piloting the mDL using the GET Mobile ID app developed by GET Group North America and Scytáles.

“The new mDLs are a secure, contactless digital form of ID that give citizens control of their identity data. They choose the personal information they share with businesses,” GET Group North America says.

“The pilot will build public acceptance of mDL in real-world scenarios such as banking, travel, traffic stops, and restaurant and liquor store transactions that require age verification.

“Building an open ecosystem during the pilot where mDLs are accepted at many businesses will pave the way for making mDLs viable for all of Utah’s more than two million licensed drivers.

“Unlike other pilots, Utah will fully utilise the ISO 18013-5 standard for mDL, which provides the benefit of cryptographic proof of identity that prevents forgery and cannot be achieved by simply showing your phone screen to a clerk at a business.”

A short video shows the GET Mobile ID app in use. 

The Utah pilot will initially involve 100 selected participants before rolling out to 10,000 motorists across the state later this year.

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