Amex to offer Prada payments bracelet to Centurion members

Prada Amex payments bracelet for Centurion members
WEARABLE: Centurion cardholders will be able to use a Prada bracelet to make contactless payments Image: Prada/Harper’s Bazaar

Holders of an American Express Centurion card will soon be able to make purchases by linking their card to a wearable contactless payments chip embedded in a leather bracelet created by Italian fashion house Prada.

“Crafted from the finest full-grain Saffiano — a Prada speciality — the double-wrap bracelet is all black save for the metal buckle and an imperceptibly small microchip housed within, which facilitates seamless payment in the same way as a contactless credit card or Apple Pay on a phone,” a product preview in GQ magazine says.

The bracelet is the first Prada accessory to incorporate wearable payments technology and will be made available only to American Express members with an invitation-only Centurion card.

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