American Airlines launches mobile health passport for passengers travelling to the USA

American Airlines VeriFLY mobile digital health passport
COVID-19: American Airlines passengers can now use the VeriFLY app to prove they’ve had a negative test

International passengers arriving at US airports on American Airlines flights can now verify that they have had a negative Covid-19 test before travelling via a digital health passport on their mobile phone.

The VeriFLY app enables passengers to create an account, add a selfie for biometric identity verification and upload documents proving that their pre-flight Covid-19 test results were negative along with any other health documentation they are required to supply according to their point of departure.

Once the service has confirmed that the documentation meets US government requirements, the app generates an “activated VeriFLY pass” that a passenger can show at check-in in order to board their flight.

The airline is rolling out VeriFLY for passengers from international destinations to the USA as the US government introduces the requirement that all passengers aged two years and older arriving from any international location test negative for Covid-19 within three calendar days of departure.

American Airlines initially introduced the service for passengers travelling from the USA to selected countries in the Caribbean and South America in December 2020.

“We support the implementation of a global programme to require Covid-19 testing for travellers to the United States, and we want to do everything we can to make travel a seamless experience for customers,” says American Airlines VP Julie Rath.

“We’ve received positive feedback about the app so far and look forward to more customers having the opportunity to use it.”

The VeriFLY app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

American Airlines began piloting a mobile digital identity system in November 2020.

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