Hyundai to let drivers use their iPhone to unlock their vehicle

Hyundai digital car key on a smartphone
REMOTE CONTROL: Hyundai is extending its digital NFC car key feature to iPhone users

Hyundai is to let iPhone users lock and unlock their vehicles and control selected vehicle systems remotely with a digital key compatible with Apple devices.

Hyundai began rolling out a digital car key in 2019, but to date this has only been available for use on selected Android smartphones.

“Hyundai Motor Group is planning to unveil its digital key for iPhone users within this year,” Business Korea reports

“Its digital key is currently limited to Samsung and LG Android smartphones. The group recently obtained an API for digital key realisation from Apple.”

Apple unveiled its NFC-enabled CarKey feature for iPhone users in June 2020 and BMW is to add support for ultra wideband (UWB) digital keys later this year. Samsung is working with Audi, BMW, Ford and Genesis to add support for both NFC and UWB digital keys.

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