LG includes NFC in new Magic Remote control for smart TVs

LG Magic Remote NFC control for Smart TVs
ONE-TOUCH: LG’s Magic Remote device enables users to share content between their NFC phone and smart TV

Owners of LG smart TVs can now transfer content between their NFC smartphone and their TV by tapping their phone on the company’s new Magic Remote remote control device.

“By simply touching a compatible NFC-enabled smartphone to the remote, viewers can share content from their phones to the LG TVs or vice versa,” the company says.

“Users can also view content stored in these mobile phones on their LG TVs while continuing to use their favourite smartphone apps and features.”

The one-touch NFC function on the Magic Remote works with TVs supporting LG’s new webOS 6.0 open TV platform that also “supports new voice commands for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa” and “can also deliver an easy and friendly shopping experience for products appearing across select broadcast channels”.

WebOS 6.0 will be available on the 2021 models of LG’s OLED, QNED, Mini LED and UHD smart TVs.

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