Maltese buses add contactless fare payments on busy routes

Malta Public Transport bus with contactless fare payment
CASHLESS: Malta has added contactless payment readers to a further 80 buses on busy routes

Bus passengers in Malta can now make on-board contactless payments for their fares on more of the island’s busier routes as Malta Public Transport moves towards implementing a fully integrated contactless system on all services in 2021.

Following a pilot scheme, the operator has added contactless payment readers to 80 more buses, enabling passengers to pay for their fares with a Tallinja transit card, their contactless payment card or mobile payment services including Apple Pay, Google Pay, BOV Pay and Garmin Pay.

Eight out of 10 passengers already use a Tallinja transit card to make on-board cashless fare payments, Malta Public Transports says, and “our long-term goal is to reach 100% contactless payments”.

The operator “envisages cashless payments to increase further with the installation of a fully-integrated contactless system on all buses, which is planned for the first quarter of 2021”. 

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