Japanese café uses Apple’s new NFC App Clips to let customers order and pay with their mobile phone

Kitasando Coffee NFC Apps Clips mobile payments
POINT AND PAY: Customers tap an NFC tag with their iPhone to use an App Clip to order and then pay with Apple Pay

Customers at the Kitasando Coffee shop in Tokyo can now tap an NFC tag with their iPhone to launch the company’s App Clip, place their order and then use Apple Pay to pay for their food and drink.

The cash-free Kitasando Coffee outlet is one of the first merchants in Japan to introduce a ‘point and pay’ option using Apple’s new NFC-enabled App Clips service, Japan-based blog Ata Distance reports.

“My iPhone 11 NFC reader kicked in and launched the Coffee App Clip, I ordered and paid with Apple Pay, all [in] just under a minute even with first-timer ‘what do I do now’ pauses, then waited for the order to be filled,” Ata Distance says.

“There was no ‘Sign in with Apple ID’ step, just point, order, pay, pickup.”

“App Clips does a very good job of utilising NFC reader mode and loading time with 4G LTE was also good,” the blog post adds.

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