Samsung to leverage UWB to let smartphone owners open doors at a distance

Samsung Galaxy z fold2 NFC smartphone with UWB
HANDS FREE: Samsung is to introduce a Digital Key solution that lets users unlock doors from a distance

Owners of Galaxy smartphones equipped with ultra wideband (UWB) chips could soon be able to unlock home, office and vehicle doors from a distance with their Samsung device, the manufacturer has revealed.

“With Samsung’s forthcoming Digital Key solution, you’ll be able to use your Galaxy smartphone to unlock your front door as you approach it — so, you’ll never have to spend time digging through your pockets and bags in search of your house, office or car key again,” Samsung Electronics CTO KJ Kim says.

“UWB technology is the next big thing in wireless tech,” he adds.

Samsung introduced the first Android device to support UWB, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, earlier this year. The device uses a chipset from NXP that combines UWB with NFC and a secure element.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 now also supports UWB. Apple added support for UWB with the launch of the iPhone 11 in September 2019.

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