STMicroelectronics opens NFCW Expo showcase

STMicroelectronics at the NFCW Expo
NFCW EXPO: STMicroelectronics is the first exhibitor to preview their showcase at the online trade show which officially launches on Monday 21 September

NFCW EXPO: STMicroelectronics has opened a preview of its showcase in the NFCW Expo, ahead of the online trade show’s launch next week, enabling readers to access webinars and white papers exploring the latest NFC trends and learn about its NFC product range.

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor manufacturer, is a leader in NFC with offerings in NFC controllers and secure elements as well as the ST25 family of NFC tag and reader ICs.


The company’s showcase provides access to full details on its NFC products and to white papers exploring how NFC can aid in the fight against counterfeit goods and on the potential to combine NFC with blockchain technology to create secure, end-to-end global supply chains.

It also provides links to a webinar on Type 5 NFC/RFID tags and information on its NFC Forum-certified ST25R3916 high performance NFC universal device which is designed for use in EMVCo 3.0 contactless POS terminals as well as a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

A QuickConnect box also lets NFCW Knowledge Centre members quickly and easily connect with the STMicroelectronics NFC team.

The NFCW Expo opens its doors on 21 September. You can get early access to STMicroelectronics’ showcase here and find out more about opening your own exhibition booth in the NFCW Expo here.