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Bonn begins rollout of contactless NFC ticketing

Bonnsmart contactless ticketing on a  bus in Bonn
ECO INCENTIVE: Bonnmart contactless ticketing is being tested on two key routes in the city

Public transport users in Bonn, Germany, can now make contactless payments for their fares on two key transit routes in the city using their smartphone, smartwatch or contactless debit or credit card as part of a citywide rollout of open loop contactless ticketing.

The BONNsmart contactless ticketing system is being introduced by public transport provider SWB Bus und Bahn so passengers can check in and check out using their contactless or mobile card on boarding and alighting and pay the cheapest available fare for their journey.

Following the test phase on the first two routes, SWB Bus und Bahn will equip its 230 buses and 99 light rail vehicles with the system and roll it out across its citywide network.

“Bonnsmart makes the use of public transportation more attractive,” says SWB Bus und Bahn’s Anja Wenmakers.

“By using this new payment method, we are providing a further incentive for the ecologically urgently needed switch to bus and rail, for climate, environment and air pollution control.

“In the future, customers will be able to simply step in and off — without any knowledge of tariffs, without cash and without needing to purchase a ticket. And they will be provided with the most favourable tariff.

“The removal of access barriers is a fundamental component for the strengthening of public transport within the multimodal urban transport of the future.”

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