Croatian merchants to leverage NFC for in-store consumer reviews

Tablet with Review Booster Pro NFC reviews and ratings system
RATINGS WINNER: Review Booster Pro enables customers to tap on an NFC-enabled review board to quickly post reviews

Croatian digital marketing agency Mint Media has launched a new service that lets consumers tap an NFC-enabled review board to quickly and easily leave a TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook review for a local business.

“Over the past few years, we got a lot of requests from clients about how to improve their online reputation,” CEO Ivan Ivušić told Total Croatia News.

“Their main concern was how to improve their ratings and increase their number of reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and other platforms, in order to get more visibility and more customers.

“We tried many different solutions: business cards with QR codes, something you scan with your mobile phone which would take you to a web page where you write reviews. But the main problem was the speed.

“Once customers leave a venue, they don’t find the time to write reviews or they don’t remember the name of your business.

“The conversion rates were low. So we needed something quick and simple, so customers can leave reviews on the spot. This is what the market needs.”

Businesses signed up to Ivušić’s Review Booster Pro (RBP) service are provided with NFC-enabled RBP boards, “which they present to customers after their experience — for instance, while you’re waiting for your restaurant bill.

“You simply wave your phone over the board, the phone’s operating system reads the chip, your web browser opens automatically and takes you to the RBP landing page of the business you’re in.

“You then select which of the platforms you’re already signed up to — TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook etc — and leave your rating or review.”

“The RBP boards are around the size of a large mobile phone — and these can be presented to the customer or even positioned permanently on every table in your bar or restaurant. Hotels, dentists, hair and cosmetic salons, retail stores, tourist guides and agencies are also some of our clients,” he adds.

A video shows the service in action:

“All of our current clients were already well aware that this is exactly what they need,” Ivušić says.

“It took about 10 minutes to sell each of them this product. In our extensive preliminary testing, businesses that were averaging three reviews a day went up to receiving 15 reviews per day. It’s really a game-changer.”

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