Three in four US consumers now prefer using contactless cards

Entrust Datacard survey woman using contactless card
ADOPTION: Entrust Datacard’s survey shows contactless payment is fast gaining traction in the US

A survey of 1,000 US consumers who are familiar with contactless payment cards has found that 75% now prefer using contactless cards as their primary payment method. Sanitation (70%) and speed (67%) are the top reasons cited by respondents.

“This prioritisation is most prominent among Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X when compared to Baby Boomers,” the Entrust Datacard survey found.

“20% of Boomers reported they never use the contactless payment feature on their debit or credit card when making a purchase while this percentage is less than 10% for each of the other respective generations.”

Overall, 83% of respondents believe contactless cards are here to stay and 61% think it’s at least somewhat of a priority to have a contactless feature on their credit or debit card, the survey also found.

“As many Americans deal with financial setbacks and heightened concerns around health and safety in the face of Covid-19, the value we are placing on contactless payments has increased markedly,” says Tony Ball, Entrust Datacard’s SVP for instant payment card issuance.

“Consumers want the ability to shop at their convenience, but also want to minimise personal contact with point of sale devices. Contactless cards are rising in popularity as a result.”

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