OTG to roll out Amazon Go cashierless shopping technology at New York airports

CIBO Express with Amazon Just walk Out cashierless system
CASHIERLESS SHOPPING: CIBO Express Gourmet Markets are adopting Amazon Just Walk Out technology

Airport hospitality group OTG is adopting Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, enabling passengers shopping at its CIBO Express Gourmet Markets at New York’s Newark and LaGuardia airports to more quickly make last-minute purchases.

“Starting on 16 March at Newark Liberty’s Terminal C and followed later by additional stores at Newark Liberty and LaGuardia Airports, travellers can purchase food and beverage items at CIBO Express Gourmet Markets without stopping to check out,” OTG says.

“By using Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in these markets, busy airport travellers can quickly enter the store using their credit card, grab the CIBO items they wish to purchase, and just walk out for maximum speed and convenience.”

“CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, with over 100 outlets across 10 major airports, offer today’s traveller on the go a uniquely curated assortment of ready-made provisions; delicious, fresh and wholesome foods; top-line health and beauty solutions and gifts; and leading-edge electronics,” OTG explains.

“Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will serve OTG guests’ very specific and time-sensitive needs, offering travellers an effortless experience that makes shopping at airports easier and much quicker.”

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