Amazon to sell its cashierless store technology to other retailers

An Amazon Go store in Seattle in December 2016. By SounderBruce - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
JUST WALK OUT: Amazon is enabling other retailers to use its cashierless store technology

Amazon is making the cashierless store technology it uses in its Amazon Go stores available to other retailers under a new Just Walk Out brand name.

“With Just Walk Out, Amazon provides retailers with proven technology that has operated with high reliability and accuracy for years in our stores,” the ecommerce giant says.

“Now, we’re enabling retailers to use this technology in their stores with their selection, merchandising and store associates to provide their shoppers with the ability to just walk out using our technology.”

“We provide all the necessary technologies to enable checkout-free shopping in a retailer’s store and offer retailers 24/7 support via phone and email. The retailers we work with operate those stores with their own selection and associates,” Amazon adds.

“The installation of the technology can take as little as a few weeks from the time we have access to your store.

“For new store builds, we work with retailers as part of your construction or remodel plans. For existing stores, we work with retailers to install the technology while minimising impact on current operations.”

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