MTA extends Omny payments to Manhattan buses

MTA New York local bus in Manhattan
EXTENDED SERVICE: New York travellers will be able to use Omny on all local buses in Manhattan from the end of March

Omny contactless card payment availability is being expanded to all local buses in Manhattan this month, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has announced.

“The expansion to Manhattan local buses represents a dramatic increase in points where it’s possible to use Omny to make free transfers between subways and buses, which is made fast and easy by the contactless technology,” the MTA says.

“The news comes on the heels of the Omny system reaching the significant milestone of 10 million taps in the past week, far surpassing expectations and showing accelerating growth.”

“Omny will be activated on buses across the whole borough simultaneously at the end of the month,” the MTA adds.

“This expansion to Manhattan buses is hoped to attract new ridership by allowing visitors to New York City and anyone who doesn’t normally carry a MetroCard to hop on a bus with a spontaneity that was never possible before.”

“This is another major milestone in the transformation of the NYC bus system,” the MTA’s Craig Cipriano says.

“As we work hard at expanding bus priority and redesigning our bus system throughout the city, modernised fare payment is a key piece of how we can speed up buses and bring customers to our system.”

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