South Dakota State University rolls out iPhone NFC IDs

South Dakota State University student uses NFC ID iphone
NEXT GENERATION: Students can add their ID card to an iPhone and then use the phone for on-campus access and payments

South Dakota State University students, faculty and staff are now able to add their MyJacks ID cards to their iPhone or Apple Watch and then use their mobile phone or wearable to make on-campus payments and gain access to residence halls and other facilities.

“This next-generation credential will benefit SDSU students by eliminating the need to carry and manage multiple credentials or payment methods when trying to navigate the campus environment,” the university says.

“There are over 1,000 places that actually take the card on campus and that’s growing,” campus card manager Kendell Rohrbach told Dakota News Now.

“We turned it on and we had about 1,000 students download it right away that first day.”

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