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Fifteen US universities to add student IDs to Google Pay

Woman using nfc phone to buy item from vending machine
INTEGRATED: Students at 15 universities in the US will be able to use Android NFC phones with Google Pay to make on-campus payments

Fifteen US universities have signed up to integrate their student ID cards with Google Pay, enabling staff and students to make payments and access facilities and residence halls with their Android NFC phone.

The institutions taking part in the initial rollout include Arkansas State University, Chowan University, College of Coastal Georgia, Duke University, Georgetown University, Hamilton College, Johns Hopkins University, Marshall University, Mercer University, Roanoke College, St Edward’s University, South Dakota State University, Temple University, The University of Alabama and University of New Brunswick.

“Students using Android mobile phones with Google Pay will simply present their phones to NFC-enabled readers on campus to conduct transactions that are secure and frictionless,” technology provider Transact says.

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