American Airlines includes NFC passport reading in mobile app

Screenshots showing how American Airlines NFC passport reading mobile app works
FAST SCAN: American Airlines’ customers can now use its mobile app’s NFC passport checking function

Passengers flying on international American Airlines flights can now use an NFC passport checking function integrated into the airline’s mobile apps “to head directly to the gate for international flights without having their passports rechecked by a customer service agent”.

“American is the first airline to offer passport chip scanning that securely transmits passport information directly from the near field communication (NFC) chip embedded in the passport,” the airline says.

“Currently, customers departing on international flights who check in on the app, have their passports rechecked at the airport,” it explains.

“This step is required even if the customer has uploaded a photo of their passport via the mobile app.

“With this new enhancement, the customer will be prompted to enter their passport information and then scan their passport with an iOS or Android device. The app provides easy-to-follow instructions for the process.”

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