NFC Forum appoints Mike McCamon as its new executive director

“My goal is to guide the NFC Forum in a slight pivot to increase focus on doing whatever is necessary to enable NFC technology to deliver a consistently positive user experience, however it is used,” Mike McCamon, the new executive director of the NFC Forum, has told NFC World.

Headshot of Mike McCamon, NFC Forum
MCCAMON: focus on positive UX

“Over the last 15 years the NFC Forum has laid the foundation for one of the most successful technologies in use today,” he explained.

“It is a standard feature on smartphones and is involved in the daily lives of billions of people.

“We want to ensure that users have a good experience, understand how to use the technology and where to tap their device to initiate an action. Finally, standards and specification work will remain a key component of the NFC Forum’s work.”

McCamon arrives at the NFC standards organisation with more than 30 years of experience leading technology initiatives and global teams “focused on improving people’s lives”.

He was the inaugural executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and part of the executive team that launched He has also led high-growth teams at Apple, Iomega, Intel and a number of startups.

As executive director, McCamon will preside over the day-to-day affairs of the NFC Forum, under the direction of the chairman, officers and board of directors.

He will be responsible for strategic planning and direction, membership development, budgeting, evangelism for the Forum and its mission, and outreach to liaison and vertical market partners.

NFC Forum

“The NFC Forum is a mature, member-led organisation that launched and developed one of the most prolific and versatile technologies on the planet,” McCamon said.

“My role is to build on this success, improve the user experience and further grow its adoption.”

“NFC use is exploding in diverse industries like mobility, identity and transportation; retail and payment; Internet of Things; and automotive markets due to its usefulness, security and ultra-low power requirements,” he added.

“The positive impact NFC technology is having on consumers worldwide will only grow in magnitude over the next five to ten years.”

“We are excited to have an executive of Mike’s calibre in a leadership position at the NFC Forum,” says NFC Forum chairman Koichi Tagawa.

“NFC technology is used by billions of people every day. Mike’s task is to lead NFC technology on its next growth phase with the goal of delivering a consistently positive user experience around the world, however it is used.”

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