Uber to add Delhi Metro transit tickets to mobile app

Smartphone screen with Uber travel planning app
CAPITAL LAUNCH: Public transport users in Delhi can now use the Uber app to plan their journeys

Uber users in Delhi can now use the app to plan journeys on the Delhi Metro and on local bus services — and will soon be able to purchase train tickets from within the Uber app as well.

“After riders enter a destination, they’ll see ‘Public Transport’ as an option alongside ‘UberGo’, ‘Premier’ and ‘UberPool’,” Uber explains.

“Upon selecting the ‘Public Transport’ feature, riders will be able to see [the] fastest and cheapest routes; real-time schedules; including departure time for public transportation, including Metro and buses and walking directions, to and from nearby Metro stations and bus stops.”

Uber has also signed a last-mile connectivity deal with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) that will see drivers able to easily pick up and drop off passengers at 210 Metro stations across the city.

“The eventual plan, according to Uber South Asia president Pradeep Parameswaran, is to have a common mobility card activated through a phone QR code, which helps the user to book across modes, from Metro to choice of mobility from shared cabs to autos and two-wheeler taxis,” news magazine The Week reports.

“We expect the integration of mass transit systems and ridesharing on one app to improve congestion, provide cleaner air, cut down the Indian capital’s carbon footprint and also help leapfrog car ownership to usher in a new era of smarter mobility,” Uber adds.

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