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Google adds Secure NFC option to Android 10

Android's Secure NFC option
SECURE: Users can opt out of ‘screen off NFC’ by choosing to require that they wake their phone before it will transact

A new feature in Android 10 will make it possible for consumers to choose whether or not they wish to be able to make NFC card emulation transactions without first unlocking their device.

The function will be available for “off-host card emulation” payment and transit transactions that make use of a secure element on the phone, Google says.

“In certain use cases such as using FeliCa for transit, off-host card emulation is permitted when a device’s screen is locked or turned off, or when a device is turned off,” Google explains.

“Secure NFC is a feature introduced in Android 10 that allows off-host NFC card emulation to be enabled only when the device’s screen is unlocked. Implementing this feature gives users the option to enable Secure NFC for improved security.”

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