Chinese airlines to offer NFC baggage tags at Beijing airport

China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines are introducing NFC-enabled electronic baggage tags that let passengers check in their own luggage and then track its location on their mobile phones, China Daily reports.

The service is due to go live at Beijing Daxing International Airport in September 2019.

“The e-tag is similar in size to an iPhone 8, and is like an ID card for the suitcase,” China Daily explains. “When passengers arrive at the airport, they can self-check in the luggage with the e-tag and self-service machines, and check luggage status by scanning the barcode.”

“Through the apps, the systems will generate bag tag numbers and transmit the data to the e-tag through Bluetooth. After a few seconds, the electronic ink screen of the bag tag will display information such as the barcode and flight numbers.”

“The e-tags show images by reflecting natural light, and produce electricity through an NFC sensor,” the report adds.

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