Apple unveils support for NFC pairing at WWDC

2 smartphones being held against each other
APPLE PAIR: Apple users will soon be able to share music and movies files

Apple is to add support for NFC P2P pairing in iOS 13, enabling iPhone users to share movies and music “with just a tap”.

“We have all had a time where we wanted to share a movie or a song with a friend,” Stacey Lysik, Apple’s senior director of OS product management, explained during the keynote for the iPhone maker’s 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). “Now you can with just a tap.”

“The experience is magical,” she said. “And when you get home, there’s no better way to keep the music going than with HomePod and its incredible sound quality.

“To make that transition seamless, we’re bringing Handoff to HomePod. Now, when you walk through the door, just bring your iPhone close to your HomePod to instantly hand off your music, a podcast or even a phone call. And you can just take it with you when you leave, the exact same way.”

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