NatWest targets customer accessibility with new-design debit card

Debit card being put into card reader
ACCESSIBLE: NatWest’s latest debit card is designed to be easier to use for customers with disabilities

UK bank NatWest is introducing a debit card design for all its customers that is easier for cardholders with conditions such as visual impairment and dementia to recognise and use.

It aims to make all of its cards accessible by 2023. Previously customers had to request an accessible card.

“With all customers having the same card any stigma associated with a special card is taken away,” the bank said.

The new design features larger lettering, a carved out notch that helps users identify which way to insert their card into a cash machine or reader, and a series of raised dots that indicate that it is a debit card.

The bank first introduced an accessible card in 2015.

“We know more of our customers could benefit from our accessible cards and this is a great way not only to help people with dementia and visually impaired customers but also to ensure all customers can take advantage of the new design,” NatWest chief marketing officer David Wheldon said.

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