Dejamobile examines the strategic implications of tokenization

PARTNER NEWS: “For an issuer, selecting one or multiple TSPs [token service providers] to use for such and such service represents a strategic choice, which is not simply a combination of technical and financial criteria,” Dejamobile CEO Houssem Assadi explains in a new blog post.

Dejamobile's Houssem Assadi“This is what we call a token ‘sourcing’ strategy,” Assadi says.

“In theory, the TSP role can be played by different types of actors in the card payment ecosystem. In practice, the large payment networks positioned themselves to play this role.

In the face of this offer and the variety of choices available, card issuers “will have to choose solutions allowing them to maintain a decent level of control of the value proposition offered to their customers.”

“This seems to be a particularly critical issue for issuing banks. Indeed, card holder data control traditionally represents a priority for issuers. Likewise, the dependence on third parties in the payment authorisation cycle is considered to be a sensitive subject.”

“It’s within this context that our ReadyToTap Payment solution positions itself. Today, this solution allows various types of issuers — retail banks, neobanks, prepaid card issuers, etc — to benefit from a large range of functionalities offered by the major TSPs on the market, with flexibility and ease of implementation.”

The full blog post is available on Dejamobile’s website. Readers attending Money2020 Europe in Amsterdam from 3-5 June are also invited to visit stand K20 to explore the benefits of taking a strategic approach to token sourcing. You can also contact Dejamobile here.