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Antelop unveils mobile-first digital banking and payments platform

Antelop's unified mobile banking platform
ALL-IN-ONE: Antelop’s unified platform allows banks to offer customers mobile-first digital onboarding, strong customer authentication, and NFC and QR payments

PARTNER NEWS: Antelop Solutions has launched an integrated onboarding, authentication and mobile payments platform for Android and iOS devices that lets both traditional and challenger banks combine “best-in-class” end-to-end security with a user friendly, PSD2-compliant, mobile-first consumer experience.

“From mobile onboarding to strong customer authentication and digital payments, our white label PCI DSS compliant software-as-a-service platform offers a unified customer experience, simplified integration and maintenance — and leading edge, embedded end-to-end security,” Timothée Gruner, Antelop’s chief commercial officer, told NFC World.

“With our new platform, banks can quickly and easily enable customers to open a bank account on their mobile phone, secure all their banking operations with PSD2-compliant PIN, fingerprint and face recognition based strong authentication and instantly digitize Visa, Mastercard and Cartes Bancaires payment cards on the mobile, all using a fast, automated and user-friendly process.


“A huge advantage of our platform over other options available today is that it is one, single, fully integrated solution. There’s one secure SDK that handles all three elements of the service, from enrolment to authentication and payment, removing the weak links that can arise when a solution is put together from multiple individual parts.

“It also means we can leverage strong customer authentication to give consumers a seamless mobile experience across all operations. Account access, balance access, 3DS 2.0, credit transfers, P2P payments, mobile contactless and EMV QR payments and even banking aggregator access permissions can all be secured using the same PSD2-compliant strong authentication.”

“The banking industry is facing more and more disruption with intense competition from fintechs and neobanks who are creating new, digital-first, seamless mobile experiences,” Gruner explained.

“Customers increasingly expect convenient and instant banking services. But, at the same time, mobile banking attacks are only going to rise and customers are becoming increasingly security sensitive.

“Finding the right balance between convenience and security has always been an issue. Getting it right, through our unique security mechanisms transforming smartphones into ‘trusted’ devices, gives banks the opportunity to differentiate their offering. It carries a message around security and ease of use to customers and enables traditional banks to compete with challengers — and for new entrants to quickly deploy a competitive solution.”

• Full details of Antelop Solutions’ new platform are available on the company’s website. The solution will also be on show at Money2020 Europe in Amsterdam from 3-5 June, on stand K20-1 in the French Pavilion. NFC World readers are invited to email [email protected] to find out more and to arrange a demonstration.

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