Octopus equips Hong Kong taxi drivers with NFC payments

2 men sitting in a taxi
CAB RANK: Hong Kong taxi drivers can now use OCL’s Octopus App for Business to accept payments

Transit card issuer Octopus Cards Limited (OCL) has partnered with Hong Kong Taxi Council (HKTC) to provide local taxi drivers with the ability to use their NFC phone to accept payments for cab rides from Octopus card users.

Drivers install Octopus App for Business on their NFC-enabled Android mobile devices to accept payments from customers paying with Octopus cards.

Drivers with iOS devices need to have an Octopus Mobile Reader to receive payments via the card.

Customers can book their cab ride via the eTaxi taxi-hailing app and then pay by placing their Octopus card against the NFC area on the back of a driver’s mobile device.

They can also pay using the Octopus App O! ePay QR code by scanning or clicking the QR code displayed on a driver’s mobile device or on tentcards displayed near the fare meter or on the headrest in the taxi.

“The Octopus App for Business provides a simple and convenient payment solution to taxi drivers and passengers,” said OCL chief executive officer Sunny Cheung.

“Taxi drivers can not only use NFC-enabled mobile devices to accept payments by Octopus cards but can also accept payments using the O! ePay QR code.

“Having Octopus as a new payment method for taxis is a win-win solution for both drivers and passengers, as well as meeting the general expectations that Hong Kong should accept electronic taxi payments in its role as an international city.”

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