ST webinar explores the potential of Type 5 NFC tags — watch it now

Slides from STMicroelectronics' NFC Type 5 webinar

PARTNER NEWS: NFC World readers are invited to join ST Microelectronics’ Jim Barlow for a 20 minute webinar exploring the potential of NFC Type 5, the NFC-RFID crossover technology that gives longer range ‘vicinity’ communication with dedicated reader hardware and also allows ‘proximity’ interaction with a smartphone.

The webinar begins with an introduction to the capabilities, performance characteristics and use cases of NFC’s latest tag type. It then explains the differences between LF, HF and UHF RFID and the performance of each variant.

STMicroelectronics' Jim BarlowBarlow then looks in detail at the special features of Type 5 and ISO 15693 — including how it can work with smaller antennas than other NFC variants and can therefore be used in many applications where space is at a premium, such as in wearables and jewellery.

You’ll also learn how phones will read Type 5 tags at up to 7cm, while RFID readers can read and write at up to a metre, allowing use cases such as in-box personalisation or smart packaging that can be tracked through the supply chain and then ultimately read by the customer using just a mobile phone.

“NFC Type 5: Bridging NFC and RFID” is available to watch free of charge on the ST website. Members can also watch the webinar in the NFCW Knowledge Centre and download the 39-slide presentation deck.