NFC Forum unveils technical specification that lets IoT devices use a single antenna for both NFC and wireless charging

The NFC Forum has released a new candidate technical specification that is designed to enable a single antenna in an IoT device to be used to manage both NFC communications and wireless charging.

NFC ForumThe Wireless Charging (WLC) Candidate Technical Specification makes it easier and more convenient to charge low power IoT devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, headsets and other consumer devices, the NFC Forum says.

“Our approach can help avoid the need for a separate wireless charging unit for small devices if the device includes an NFC communication interface,” Paula Hunter, the NFC Forum’s executive director, explains.

“For example, a Bluetooth headset which includes NFC technology for pairing could also use the NFC interface for wireless charging. In this case, the NFC antenna is used to exchange the pairing information and to transfer power.”

“The WLC was published as a candidate specification allowing the industry to review the document before this specification is validated,” the NFC Forum adds. Readers can learn more and comment on the new specification on the Forum’s website.