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IndusInd Bank introduces card with built-in buttons that lets customers select from multiple payment options at the point of sale

IndusInd Bank's Nexxt interactive payment card
PRESS TO PAY: The Nexxt card allows the customer to choose the funding source for their payment

Customers of India’s IndusInd Bank can now apply for Nexxt, a bank card that features three built-in buttons which the cardholder can use to choose between charging a purchase to their credit card account, taking out a loan or paying for the item with their reward points balance.

IndusInd Bank Nexxt credit card holders can switch between the three payment options by simply pressing the relevant button on their card, the bank says. They can also use the buttons to choose the length of any equated monthly installment (EMI) loan they wish to take out, from four options of 6, 12, 18 or 24 installments.

Their chosen payment method is then displayed on the card using LED lights associated with each of the three options.

“A customer does not need to fill any paperwork, or call their bank, or log in to any banking channel to convert their POS transactions into EMIs, or to redeem their rewards points,” IndusInd says.

“With this card, our aim is to give the customer multiple options on how to make a payment using his or her credit card,” Sumant Kathpalia, the bank’s head of consumer banking explains. “The power of choice moves completely to the customer.”

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