NFC Forum white paper explains how brands and retailers can use NFC to build stronger connections with consumers

Covershot: Bridging digital and physical retail with NFC

NFC technology can be used by both brands and retailers to forge and strengthen a connection with consumers throughout the customer journey, the NFC Forum explains in a new white paper that provides detailed tips, ideas and guidance on how to take advantage of the technology’s potential.

“Brands and retailers need innovative and intuitive tools to connect with today’s consumers and compete effectively in a mobile-first, omnichannel world,” says Matthew Bright, chair of the NFC Forum’s Retail and Payment SIG.

“NFC allows brands and retailers to connect quickly, easily and reliably with consumers at every step of the customer journey — pre-purchase, in-store and post-purchase.”

‘Bridging digital and physical retail with NFC’ includes multiple pages of ideas and potential use cases. Eleven tips for running a successful NFC campaign are also provided.

Readers can download the full white paper free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

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