Manhattan skyscraper secures fire safety system with tamper-evident NFC tags

PARTNER NEWS: Two thousand HID Trusted Tags have been installed in “one of Manhattan’s most iconic skyscrapers” to improve the security and management of the building’s fire and safety sprinkler system.

The tamper-evident NFC tags incorporate cryptographic authentication and a QR code and have been placed on every component of the building’s sprinkler system, enabling technicians to tap each tag with their mobile device to authenticate that they have completed each element of an inspection or repair.

“Each individual tap generates a unique encrypted code appended to a URL to provide proof of presence,” HID Global explains. “If an HID Seal eTamper Tag is removed, the electronic componentry deactivates and renders the tag unusable. This physical tamper-evident functionality proves each trusted tap transaction is valid on the specified equipment and at the exact location.”

A white paper produced by HID Global details the challenges and the solution
CASE STUDY: A white paper that details the challenges and the solution is now available to download

“Proof of presence was critical for us,” says David Israel, president of Rael Automatic Sprinkler Company, which worked with system integrator Automated Decision to implement the system. “Property managers are now expected to deliver a much higher level of compliance reporting.”

“HID Trusted Tag Services are a real competitive differentiator for us when we bid for projects now,” Israel adds. “We plan to deploy it in other noteworthy buildings and we’re exploring using it for other mission-critical equipment we inspect and repair as well.”

A case study which provides full details of how and why Rael chose to use NFC technology, how the system works and the benefits that it delivers is now available to download free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

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