EMVCo publishes specification for merchant-presented QR code payments

Payments standards body EMVCo has added a specification for QR code payments in merchant-presented mode, following on from a spec for QR code payments in consumer-presented mode that it released in mid-July. Both specifications “can coexist with existing proprietary QR code solutions,” EMVCo says.

EMVCo logo In consumer-presented mode, “the customer displays the QR code on their mobile device and the merchant uses an optical scanner to read the code”, the standards body explains, while in merchant-presented mode it is the merchant who displays the QR code “and the customer uses their mobile device to scan the code”.

EMVCo will also release a self-testing framework for the merchant-presented and consumer-presented specifications in early 2018, the organization says. This will allow point of interaction (POI) implementers to evaluate whether their QR codes are generated and interpreted in compliance with the specifications.

“The clarity provided by the specifications will enable merchants to accept QR code payment solutions from various providers in a standardised manner. Consumers will also benefit from a more uniform experience that offers greater convenience and familiarity,” EMVCo says.

“With the increasing deployment of QR code payment methods, it is important that the payments ecosystem provides a consistent experience for merchants and consumers,” explains Cheryl Mish, chair of EMVCo’s Board of Managers.

“Given the early stage of deployment of this emerging payment technology and growing adoption, now is the time to ensure the technology’s potential is not constrained in the future due to interoperability issues with the established payment infrastructure.”

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