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Orange reports on the opportunities and challenges in mobile-only banking

Covershot: 'Mobile-only banks: A new frontier for mobile networks'

“When we look at the future of the banking and payments ecosystem, it is clear that operators will continue to play a prominent part in the space for many years to come as they evolve from their traditional business to new non-core areas, as we have done,” the deputy CEO of mobile financial services at Orange explains in an in-depth article on mobile-only banks that is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

Orange's Marc Rennard
ORANGE: Marc Rennard is the telco’s deputy CEO of mobile financial services

“However, as competition increases, operators that look to enter the market will need to adapt their approach and offer services that really make a difference for customers,” the telco’s Marc Rennard writes.

‘Mobile-only banks: A new frontier for mobile networks’ explores the challenges and the opportunities that mobile payments and banking bring to mobile network operators and provides advice to operators on how they can best navigate the mobile financial space.

Rennard also examines the changing shape of the customer-bank relationship, explores the benefits of mobile only-banks compared to traditional banks and provides detailed insight into the company’s planned launch of its own Orange Bank in France.

Readers can download Rennard’s eight-page article free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

• This article is part of What’s New in Payments 2, a new 76-page special report from NFC World that explores and explains the latest payment trends and technologies. You can download the entire report here.

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