JCPenney adds credit cards and loyalty rewards to Apple Pay

A JCPenney storefront in Brooklyn

Customers of US department store chain JCPenney can now add the retailer’s credit card to Apple Pay and make contactless payments at any of the company’s stores nationwide. Those who add a JCPenney credit card to the mobile payment service will also earn shopping points through JCPenney Rewards, the retailer’s customer loyalty program.

“JCPenney point-of-sale registers now process all Apple Pay supported credit and debit bank cards, including the company’s credit card and co-branded Mastercard, both issued by Synchrony Bank and available to use with Apple Pay,” the retailer says.

“Customers simply add their JCPenney credit card as a payment option to Apple Pay using the Wallet or Apple Watch app on their iPhone. Plus, coming soon, customers with the JCPenney app on iPhone and iPad will have the option to complete their purchases using Apple Pay.”

“With Apple Pay at JCPenney, we’re able to offer a faster, more seamless checkout process by allowing our customers to pay for their purchases by simply holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near a point of sale terminal, rather than inserting a chip card,” says Therace Risch, chief information officer for JCPenney. “And with the added convenience of our credit card as a payment option via Apple Pay, we’re giving customers another compelling reason to join our credit card and loyalty programs.”

JCPenney customers began piloting the ability to add their store cards to Apple Pay for in-store payments in December 2015.

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