UK restaurant chains test digital mobile banking receipts tied to customer purchases

Flux digital receipts
TRIAL RUN: Consumers in London can now get digital receipts via their mobile banking app

Restaurant chains Eat and Bel-Air are piloting a service in their London locations that delivers real-time receipts to a customer’s mobile banking app by linking to the purchases they make using their bank cards at the retailer’s point-of-sale terminal. The service is also being trialled by UK challenger bank Monzo.

The pilots mark the first launch of Flux, the receipt data platform which aims to “digitise the world’s receipts by linking them to the way we pay”.

“Flux delivers real-time receipts, including item data and VAT, directly to customer’s mobile banking apps,” the company says. “Flux does this by linking purchases to bank cards via a software integration to the retailer’s point of sale.

“Monzo customers can link their card to the Flux platform and from there, pay as normal at participating Eat or Bel-Air stores. Flux then delivers their full receipt and any e-stamps on offer in real-time to their Monzo app.”

Complete picture

“Currently, when a customer looks at their bank statement, they can only see the retailer’s name, the total amount and the date,” Flux adds. “But, Flux will complete the picture by showing each item bought and provide additional value by linking connected information, such as e-stamps, to those items.”

“Eat was the first UK retailer to launch contactless payments and are happy to announce that once again, we’re breaking ground as the first retailer in the UK to pilot a receipt solution that adds no time at till because it’s simply linked to how people pay,” says Eat CEO Andrew Walker.

“We built Flux because it’s completely insane that today we pay with 21st century contactless and are still handed a 100 BC paper receipt,” adds Matty Cusden-Ross, CEO and founder of Flux. “We are determined to digitise the world’s receipts by linking them to the way we pay.”

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