Canadian bank replaces NFC SIM-based service with HCE

Canada’s Scotiabank has replaced the NFC SIM-based mobile payments service inside its My Mobile Wallet app with a host card emulation (HCE) based solution, the bank has confirmed to NFC World.

Scotiabank“This enhancement to our My Mobile Wallet service now makes use of HCE/cloud rather than the NFC SIM-based service,” Scotiabank said.

“Other enhancements to My Mobile Wallet include the ability to add a wider array of payment cards to the wallet — Visa credit, Visa prepaid and Interac debit cards can now be added and we expect to be able to add Amex to this line-up in the new year.”

Pay Ready functionality that enables users “to make a payment by waking the device and tapping at the point of sale” has also been added to the service, along with an e-receipts feature by Sensibill that enables customers to digitally store and manage their paper and email receipts in the wallet.

Scotiabank expanded the reach of its NFC SIM-based mobile wallet service in October 2015 by connecting to EnStream, the joint venture between carriers Bell Mobility, Telus and Rogers Communications that acts as a single connection point between the country’s card issuers and mobile network operators.

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