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Pizza Hut offers NFC tattoos that let customers order favourite takeaway

Pizza Hut tattoo
TASTY TATTOO: Stick-on Pizza Hut tattoo includes NFC and QR code technology

Pizza Hut in the UK has unveiled what it describes as the world’s first pizza-ordering tattoo. The stick-on tattoo includes NFC and QR code technology and can be used to order a customer’s favourite dish with a tap of their smartphone.

The stick-on tattoo is pre-programmed with details of the customer’s favourite pizza and their location, Pizza Hut says. When tapped with a smartphone, the customer can place an order using the Pizza Hut app to be delivered or collected at the nearest restaurant.

A video produced by Pizza Hut shows how the tattoos will work:

The company has 40 tattoos to give away and has launched a competition today, that runs until midnight on October 24 on its Pizza Hut UK Facebook page and midnight on October 26 on the Pizza Hut Restaurants UK Facebook page.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to get pizzas into people’s hands,” a spokesman says.

“With tattoos and technology being so culturally relevant, this concept brings together the best parts of pizzas and body art in a never-seen-before way.”

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