Lenovo launches NFC transport payments in Beijing

Commuters in Beijing can now use Lenovo X3 smartphones to make NFC mobile payments across public transportation services. The option has been launched by the handset maker in collaboration with Oberthur Technologies (OT) and transportation card provider Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Co (BMAC).

Lenovo Oberthur “End-users can now use their Lenovo X3 smartphone to install the Beijing Municipal Administration Traffic Card in their Lenovo Transit application and commute simply by waving their phone in front of contactless transit terminals,” OT says.

The service makes use of OT’s Pearl embedded secure element (eSE) which was integrated into Lenovo handsets in July 2015 to enable mobile payment and transport solutions.

“In addition to its eSE, OT provides its key management system to Lenovo to manage security domains on the eSE in which partners can securely load, install and run their applications,” OT adds.

“Via its China Secure Hub, a platform used to connect handset makers and their partners in different cities in China, OT also securely ensures the connectivity between Lenovo and BMAC’s TSM provider, Beijing eNFC Science and Technology Co Ltd.”

“China is often at the forefront of new technologies and we are happy to offer Lenovo users with a convenient, secure and easy to use way of commuting with the BMAC application,” says Viken Gazarian, deputing managing director of the connected device makers business at OT.

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