Estimote Mirror turns screens into personalised displays

Estimote Mirror
REFLECTED GLORY: Estimote Mirror can display content from a phone on a nearby screen

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon manufacturer Estimote has unveiled Estimote Mirror, a video-enabled beacon platform that communicates with nearby phones and their corresponding apps to produce content that is personalized to a consumer for display on any nearby digital screen.

“Mirror works with any standard video screen — it simply plugs into the HDMI and USB ports,” the company says. “When connected to a TV via HDMI, Mirror reads BLE signals from nearby compatible apps or Estimote Stickers to receive content and a programmable rendering engine decides what to display, while USB is used as an endless supply of power.

“Mobile developers don’t have to learn any new technology to control these large digital displays. They can just embed our SDK into their apps so that users can trigger contextual and personalized content simply by approaching screens where Estimote Mirrors is installed.”

“Mirror can react not only to users with installed apps but also by sensing BLE signals from objects around it,” Estimote adds. “Content can be displayed on-screen when nearby BLE signals are detected.

“For example, Estimote Stickers attached to objects will send contextual data when picked up or moved. Mirror will detect these interactions and display content tied to a particular object or gesture. This allows consumers in a retail store to experience magical interactive moments even if they don’t have the retailer’s app installed.”

A video gives an overview of Estimote Mirror and some possible uses:

Estimote will be shipping its first batch of the new devices this winter. The company added programmable NFC into its new range of proximity beacons in July 2016.

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