Coop Denmark to launch mobile loyalty and payments platform

Coop Denmark
REWARDING: October will see the launch of Coop Denmark’s new mobile payments platform

Supermarket chain Coop Denmark is launching a new mobile loyalty and rewards platform incorporating mobile payment functionality in all of its stores from October. The service will enable customers in Irma, Kvickly, Brugsen and KNB locations to scan items with their phone as they shop and pay at the point of sale using software provided by Omnico.

Although details of how the service will work cannot be disclosed until its launch, the feature will work in a similar way to Bip & Betal, a separate system that Coop Denmark is currently piloting in seven stores, the company’s Peter Dideriksen told NFC World.

“We have a new membership programme with a membership app coming out on 1 October and this will include a payment solution and a new loyalty programme, but Bip & Betal is something a bit different,” the Bip & Betal project manager explained.

“Basically, Bip & Betal starts by you entering the store. You download the app and the first time you use it, you scan your member loyalty card so the service can recognise who you are.

“You start the shopping trip by scanning a QR code that identifies the store. As you go along, you will scan your items with your mobile phone. Once you are through and reach the exit, there is a dedicated exit area where you scan a barcode to say that you have completed your shopping trip. You will enter the payment process automatically through the app.

“You will accept the payment amount to complete the transaction. On your phone, you will then have a QR code that is scanned by the exit gate to complete the process, and you can leave the store.”

The mobile app is linked to the shopper’s credit or debit card in order to fund the purchases. Targeted promotions will be delivered straight to the customer via the app.

“No concrete decision in regards to the roll out of Bip & Betal has been made but we do expect to have a roll out of the solution sometime next year,” Dideriksen added.

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