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Americans open to mobile wallets

Nearly three in ten US consumers (29%) express a willingness to use mobile wallets in the next six months, a survey by Computer Services Inc. (CSI) reveals, with 12% strongly agreeing that they plan to do so. “This willingness was even more prevalent among millennials, with 19% of consumers aged 18-34 planning to use it,” the company says. Only 7% of baby boomers (ages 55+) claimed a strong chance of doing likewise. The study was conducted by Harris Poll.

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  1. Even “Baby Boomers,” notoriously resistant to the Twenty-First Century, will yield to the convenience sooner than they think. They will get the security as an unappreciated bonus. While users benefit most from the security of mobile payments, we all benefit from payments that do not use card numbers as the payment authorization number (PAN).

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