Motorists rewarded for mobile payments at the pump

Motorists using the GC Express gas station in Caro, Michigan, are being offered a free coffee or drink whenever they pay for fuel purchases of US$10 or more with Team One Credit Union’s mobile banking app.

AnywhereMobileThe service makes use of banking services provider MShift’s AnywhereMobile payment platform. GC Express has implemented support for the service in-store and at the pump by integrating it with its Verifone Commander Site Controller platform.

“To pay with AnyWhereMobile, Team One members open the mobile banking app on their smartphone, scan the QR code at the pump or the register and authorize the transaction using their PIN or fingerprint,” MShift says. “Once the transaction is complete, they receive a receipt for their purchase via the mobile banking app.

“More than 30 other local merchants near Team One are also accepting AnyWhereMobile payments. In addition to highly secure transactions and reduced risk, AnyWhereMobile reduces transaction costs for merchants and they can invest the difference into improving and expanding their customer rewards programs to increase customer participation and retention.”

“Gas stations in our community are excited to have a mobile payment option issued by a trusted local financial institution that lowers their interchange costs by more than half,” says Tim Ferrio, eServices supervisor at Team One Credit Union.

“By end of 2016, we hope to bring on 20 gas stations in Michigan, using the Verifone Commander Site Controller and benefit both the gas station owners and our members.”

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