NFC mobile payment users tip more, says Square

TAPPERS TIP: Square surveyed consumers’ tipping habits according to payment type

Customers who pay using NFC mobile payments are more likely to leave a tip, according to a survey by mobile POS provider Square. 73% of customers tipped when using NFC mobile payments compared to 71% who tipped using EMV and 67% who paid using magnetic stripe cards at the point of sale.

The results come after Square spent six months in Portland for its #PayFasterPortland campaign which saw the company educating local businesses about NFC mobile payments. As a result, “thousands” of Portland sellers implemented Square’s new contactless and chip reader, the company says.

“Over the two-month #PayFasterPortland campaign, more and more Portlanders started using their mobile devices to pay at businesses that have upgraded to Square’s new contactless and chip reader,” Square writes in a blog post.

“Even before #PayFasterPortland, the city was number one in the country for orders for our new contactless and chip reader. And now the rate of people in Portland paying on Square’s new reader with mobile wallets like Apple Pay is higher than the national average.”

Square CEO Jack Dorsey revealed in March 2016 that Square has received more than 350,000 pre-orders for the reader. The company began rolling out its first contactless readers in November 2015. The readers can now also be paid for in weekly instalments.

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