Walmart Pay adds another 14 states

US supermarket chain Walmart has rolled out its Walmart Pay mobile payment service to stores in another 14 US states, including California, New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho and New Mexico as well as states across New England and the Pacific North West. The QR code-based service launched in Arkansas and Texas last month and went live in a further 20 states last week.

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  1. NFC is necessary for contactless cards but not for mobile, cardless, transactions. QR works well; has the advantage over NFC that more phones can do it. So does broadband. Even a keyed digital token will work, though I prefer the the first two. I like Google’s facial recognition scheme. While I like Apple or Samsung Pay best, I did try MCX and will try Walmart pay for the little bit of business I do with Walmart.

    With an iOS phone, Walmart Pay is almost as easy as Apple Pay; uses TouchID if available. It proxies a credit card number so it is more secure than a mag-stripe card and more convenient than an EMV card. However, unlike MCX, it does not avoid the exchange fee unless the customer chooses to charge her Walmart card.

    Of course, there is nothing to stop Walmart from negotiating a direct debit option similar to PayPal’s. Nothing to stop them from offering their system to the other merchants that had signed up for MCX.

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