Walmart rolls out Walmart Pay across Arkansas and Texas

Walmart Pay
IN-STORE LAUNCH: Walmart Pay has gone live in locations across Arkansas and Texas

US supermarket chain Walmart has begun rolling out its QR code-based mobile payment service in Arkansas and Texas. Walmart Pay is now available in all 480 Walmart stores across Texas and at its more than 110 locations in Arkansas.

“With this launch, Walmart becomes the only retailer to offer its own payment solution that works with any iOS or Android device, at any checkout lane, and with any major credit, debit, prepaid or Walmart gift card — all through the Walmart mobile app,” the retailer says. “Checkout using Walmart Pay happens in three easy steps.

“Visit any register, open the Walmart app and choose Walmart Pay. Activate the camera. At any time during checkout, simply scan the code displayed at the register. Walmart Pay is now connected. An associate scans and bags the items and it’s done. An eReceipt will be sent to the app and can be viewed at any time.”

Additional features

“More than 20 million customers actively use the Walmart app each month,” Walmart adds. “The Walmart app enhances the shopping experience in Walmart stores with features including checking in to pick up an online order at a Walmart store, refilling pharmacy prescriptions and finding an item’s store location.”

“Walmart Pay is a powerful addition to our app, a tool that we’re using to transform the shopping experience by seamlessly connecting our online assets and our stores for customers,” says Daniel Eckert, senior VP of services at Walmart. “The service opens the door to new and better ways we can serve the 140m customers who shop in our stores each week.”

Walmart unveiled the mobile payment service in December 2015 and went live for iPhone users last month.

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