VTB Bank launches HCE mobile payments in Georgia

VTB Bank in Georgia has launched a host card emulation (HCE) mobile payment service that will enable its customers to make payments by tapping their device against any contactless terminal accepting Visa PayWave.

VTB Georgia “Through the Mobile Pay app, you will make an easy purchase of a desirable item by waving your mobile phone near the POS terminal,” the bank says. “Mobile Pay grants consumers the opportunity to make contactless payments using any VTB Bank card.

“The application allows for the uploading of an unlimited number of cards and the customer can easily choose which card to use during the payment process. Using the app and making payments is free of charge for VTB Bank clients.”

“Mobile Pay may be used anywhere around the world where Visa PayWave terminals are available,” VTB Bank adds. “Using the app requires a smartphone with Android OS (4.4 or later version) with NFC support. The application, platform and solutions were developed by PriNum.”

Options for innovation

“We are glad VTB Bank (Georgia) is the first to introduce a system for mobile payments,” says Valerian Gabunia, chief retail business officer at VTB Bank. “Payments through NFC are introduced only in a few countries around the globe. In Georgia, the service is available only to clients of VTB Bank. Mobile Pay makes any payment more comfortable and simple, both in Georgia and abroad.”

“Georgia is among the leaders in the CEMEA region in embracing contactless payments,” adds Irina Kamkhadze, Visa country manager for the Caucasus region. “The convenience and speed of Visa PayWave has become a natural way for consumers to pay for everyday purchases by improving the shopping experience for Visa cardholders and retailers alike.

“Mobile is a life companion and Visa cloud-based payments unlock more options for the banks to innovate and thus pave the way for more rapid uptake of mobile commerce services for a convenient and engaging experience for Visa cardholders.”

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