Postbank begins HCE pilot in Germany with Worldline

Employees of Germany’s Postbank have begun piloting a mobile payment service based on host card emulation (HCE) that makes use of tokenization to allow NFC payments to be made at any Visa payWave terminal.

Postbank PostBank is using an NFC mobile payments platform provided by payment and transaction services specialist Worldline for the trial.

“Customers using the Worldline solution only need an NFC-enabled smartphone with the latest Android operating system,” Worldline says. “The transactions use the existing Visa NFC infrastructure.

“The new Worldline solution protects sensitive data against fraud with multiple security mechanisms. These include, among others, the use of a specially protected app as well as the replacement of the actual payment data with so-called tokens and one-time keys. As a result, the risk of card-based payment fraud can be minimized.”

“The Worldline mobile payments solution can be extended to other services, such as couponing or ticketing,” the company adds.

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