RapidNFC shows off tamper-proof tags

RapidNFC tamper-proof tag
SELF-DESTRUCT: When peeled away, the tag’s return is torn off, making the tag inoperable

PARTNER NEWS: Tag supplier RapidNFC has introduced a tamper proof NFC tag designed to self-destruct if it is removed, stopping the tag being re-sited from one location to another and ensuring that a tag intended for a specific asset cannot be placed on another.

“Once applied to a surface, the tag can be removed. However, removing the tags also removes the ‘return’ on the tag — so the antenna and chip remain on the sticker; however, without the return, the tag itself is now destroyed,” RapidNFC’s Jack Sage explained to NFC World.

“You are no longer able to scan either the return or the sticker face. This is handy if you need a tag, for example, on a specific asset and do not want the possibility of that tag being placed on any other asset.”

When asked whether it would be possible to make the tag work again by sticking it back together carefully, Sage answered: “In theory, yes. However, this would take a lot of effort. The alignment would need to be perfect; essentially, you would need to place the sticker face in the exact same place as before.

“Alternatively, for more industrious and practical people, it would be possible to actually solder another return on to the tag. Both of these scenarios are pretty unlikely.”

RapidNFC’s tamper-proof tags are 28mm wide, white paper faced and contain an NTAG213 NFC chip. They are being supplied on reels of up to 1,000 tags or in strips in lower quantities. They are also available with custom print as a special order.

A video shows the tag in action:

“All NFC tags, tamper proof tags included, have the option to keep the data locked or unlocked,” Sage continued. “Once the data has been locked, nobody, including the owner of that tag, can alter that data. If the data is left unlocked, anybody with the correct app can change this regardless of whether or not the tag is tamper proof.

“Anybody who is interested in tamper proof stickers should also lock the data stored on the tags.

“Essentially, in any scenario where you are reliant on specific information on a specific person, object, location etc, for any reason, tamper proof tags can be used to ensure that the tag remains static and therefore the information you are receiving is correct.”

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