Samsung launches Proximity mobile marketing platform

Samsung Proximity
MULTI-USE: Samsung’s Proximity platform manages venue and beacon information for multiple use cases

Samsung has unveiled Proximity, a location-based marketing platform that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and works in a similar way to Apple’s iBeacon system — but without the need for consumers to be persuaded to download a marketer’s own app to access the service.

To use Proximity, Samsung phone owners download the phone-maker’s Proximity Service app. Then, when installed, “dynamic and relevant information and coupons will be pushed to the user’s phone”.

Developers can take advantage of the new platform by registering for Samsung’s new Proximity Service Partnership Program. They will then be able to use a Proximity web console to manage venue and beacon information, create campaigns using template libraries and targeting options, and view analytics about customer behaviour and the impact of their campaigns.

With Samsung Proximity, “visitors are able to experience rich content related to their location and marketers can better engage with customers for increased sales and brand awareness,” the handset maker says. Use cases are expected to include:

  • Stores: “Deliver in-store offers and e-catalogues to target shoppers.”
  • Restaurants: “Attract new customers with coupons while offering returning customers express pre-order and pick-up services.”
  • Shopping malls: “Guide visitors with floor plans, events, and the hottest sales for a boost in traffic and revenue.”
  • Airports: Send “flight information, showcase duty-free promotions and special vacation deals”.
  • Stadiums: “Send welcome messages, seat maps, and coupons for snacks and sporting goods.”
  • Museums: “Provide mobile tours for exhibitions as well as museum shop promotions.”

“In order to get started, join the Proximity Service’s Web Console with [a] Samsung account,” the company says. “We will verify your account and give you a company code, and you will be ready to go.”

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